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Red Inserts - Pack of 100
Oracle Inserts

Red Inserts - Pack of 100

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Coming from the Mountains filled with force of fire, "Red" is one of our newest inserts and we are excited to bring you more ways to style your cards.

The holographic fire on the Red Insert are transparent.  They are more subtle than our broken glass version but give you a very cool look to your cards.

Oracle Inserts provides your Trading Cards with:

  • Holographic Enhanced Look
  • Card Stability
  • Durability
  • Protection
  • Fits most sleeves (best with Ultra, Dragon, and KMC)


- The inserts are NOT sleeves.  They are a plastic insert that goes over the top of your card and inserted into a sleeve. Hence why we call them inserts. 

- It is up to the discretion of a judge to determine if these are legal.

- The inserts will increase a deck of 100 by just over 1/2 an inch (5/8 to be exact)

- It is recommended not to penny sleeve or perfect fit cards along with the inserts. It will just increase the size of your deck and potentially make your cards slightly cloudy due to the layers of plastic. 

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